What we have heard so far

To help shape our plans and public benefits for the future of 1 Undershaft, we undertook a detailed initial round of consultation during the summer. Through this consultation, the following key themes were identified:

The updated design, which includes more public and green spaces when compared to the 2016 scheme was received positively and the design of the top levels of the building (or crown) were identified as a key priority.

The proposal’s emphasis on sustainability was strongly supported.

Public access to the viewing gallery and podium level garden was appreciated.

community engagement and consultation was greatly appreciated. All those involved were keen to understand the design of the proposals as they evolve.

appreciated. Some concerns about the impact on daylight and sunlight at the ground due to the extended podium garden at level 10.

Early community engagement and consultation was greatly appreciated.

Our Vision

We have developed the design of our proposals in response to feedback our core objectives for this location remain unchanged. Our proposals will deliver a new landmark building offering more than 166,000 sq m of commercial space, on a site allocated for that purpose as the centre of the cluster, and offering a myriad of accessible public spaces, significantly improved public realm and greatly improved industry leading sustainability credentials in comparison with the current building located on the site.

In summary our vision will:

Deliver a new landmark building, on a site allocated for that purpose as the centre of the cluster, that offers world-class public spaces and enhanced public benefits compared to the 2016 design proposal.

Deliver a new Cultural and Creative offer, including education spaces at level 72 curated by the Museum of London linked to the rooftop viewing gallery at level 73, and the opportunity for more cultural and creative spaces connected to the podium garden at level 11.

Increase the amount of office space by up to 20% compared to the existing permission with new external spaces for office workers, and more flexible working spaces to support the City’s business ecosystem.

Provide a significantly improved public realm experience; extensive urban greening, a new publicly accessible podium garden at the 11th storey; and a unique food and beverage offering at the 10th storey, contributing towards the ‘Destination City’ initiative.

Facilitate the creation of London’s highest publicly accessible viewing gallery at level 73, providing visitors with unique views of the city.

Deliver an improved and more efficient design, which delivers best-in-class sustainability credentials.

Visually connect the neighbouring heritage assets, including St. Andrew Undershaft, St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, Lloyds of London whilst also improving pedestrian routes through the City.

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